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The Story So Far

The Last Tiki Bar on Mars is a novel about the slow decay of the Mars colony as they confront the reality of being out of snack foods. And a few other things.

Chapters are added as they are written. More to come!

Chapter One – Arrival

Chapter Two – The Trek Deck

Chapter Three – Making Plans

Chapter Four – The Temple of the Last Steak

Chapter Five – The Mothers

Chapter Six – Pump Up The Volume

Chapter Seven – The Yellow Brick Road

Chapter Eight – Refugees

Chapter Nine – The Plan

Chapter Ten – Bust A Move

Chapter Eleven – Showdown

Chapter Twelve – Yes, We Have No Anchovies

Chapter Thirteen – This Is A Plot Complication

Chapter Fourteen – Meet The Chief

Chapter Fifteen – Space Is The Place

Chapter Sixteen – Phobos

Chapter Seventeen – Is That A Chocolate Bar In Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Chapter Eighteen – The Man Who Fell To Mars

Chapter Nineteen – Ghosts In The Tiki Bar

Chapter Twenty – Home Again, Home Again Jiggidy Jig

Chapter Twenty One – “Ding-Dong! Avon Calling!”

Chapter Twenty Two – Enter The Marines

Chapter Twenty Three – The Trip Out

Chapter Twenty Four – The Truffle Shuffle

Chapter Twenty Five – Down in the Hole

Chapter Twenty Six – Meanwhile, Back On Earth

Chapter Twenty Seven – Welcome To Research Hab Seven

Chapter Twenty Eight – The Eye In The Sky

Chapter Twenty Nine – Hamdinger Party!

Chapter Thirty – Girl Talk

Chapter Thirty One – Meanwhile, On Channel Ten

More to come. Keep you dial locked on this channel!