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About Banana Man

The Curiously Banal Adventures of Banana Man

A janitor by night, a crime-fighter by day. Mostly fighting littering. One day he realized that Batman is just a regular guy in a costume. Any costume can be used to fight crime, so he straps a banana to his head and fights all that crime.

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Our players:

Banana Man – previously discussed.

Kid Banana – Banana Man gets his son alternative weekends. They fight crime together.

Time Horse – Looks like a regular horse, only with a pocket watch on his forehead. Trickster spirit. Travels through time, pooping on thing.

Ice Cream Guy – his customers frequently litter, dammit!

The Landlord – gawd, that guy is annoying.

Time Hog – Sadist. Goes back in time to appear in media properties just to bug Banana Man.

Dr. Tomorrow – One of Banana Man’s neighbors. Slightly helpful, sometimes.

The Justice League of Justice – Banana Man and his many allies

The Legion Of All The Dooms – Always ready to rumble

Jump right in with both feet!

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