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In short, a slowly evolving story of a story within a story, delivered to you as a “blog”.

It’s the story of how Mars was settled and un-settled by humans over the years. And also, the story of how the story was written, or maybe that stuff is just all made up. And maybe some extra things thrown in, just because.

Did you know that space travel is not possible without chorizo?

It’s all horribly true, and you’ll read about it here.

The back of the book jacket to this reads something like this:

We found this in a “free box” on the street in North Portland. It appears to be a cast-off paperback from the 60’s. Long-forgotten, archaic in style and often downright sophomoric. It’s not good enough to be thought to be from the battered typewriter of Kilgore Trout yet at times eerily prescient of our modern era.

Like the halls of San Jose’s Winchester House, it meanders without a clear plan, parts of it under construction, leading odd places. Best to take along a lunch, just in case.

–– Your Archivist

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