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The Plan

Good Hitler image

Scene: The Long Up Chuk Chinese-American Restaurant. The lights are low, and mostly red-ish. The Legion of all the Dooms is lounging comfortably in the sagging vinyl booths and battered banquet chairs in the back. A dark miasma of malice hangs in the air like the stench of last years second hand smoke. 

An argument is going on.

“I’ll have a Singapore Sling, heavy on the Singapore.”

“Let’s call Evil Buddha and take out Good Hitler once and for all!”

“That never works. They just clone up a new one. Every. Fucking. Time.”

“Well, fudge a monkey. We need to p0wn some chumps! Halloween’s here. It’s time for mischief.

“How about … we hand out chocolate covered brussel sprouts!”

“More better, The Communist Manifesto, hidden under tasty chocolate coatings!”

“Or we build The Not-So-Great Pumpkin!”

“Candy that causes hiccups!”

“White chocolate, and… ah god, Circus Peanuts!” <retching noises>

“Broken iPhones!”

“Unhappy Meals. The special prize inside… Tax forms, heh heh.”

“Elephantiasis! In the water supply!”

“Gummy Bears, rock hard gummy bears…”

“Can the chin-music you sock monkeys!”

The bags under Secret Nixon’s eyes look extra dark tonight. “The NRA does more to torment children than we could. I say we stick the knife in deep. Deep in the sweaty little hearts of the Justice League of Justice. I say we take the battle to the enemy, on their own home turf!”

“You mean?”

“Yes… We’re going bowling!

Good Hitler politely borrowed from Jon Rosenberg.
Kindly support his creative efforts by signing up for this kickstarter!

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