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Out On Patrol

“Wanna see my Invisible Jet, big boy?” He-Wonder Woman takes the burley cop’s arm in hers.

Banana Man is still inside the dumpster, rooting around.

Live Zombie has his hands in his pockets, whistling abstractly, kicking the pavement with his feet and generally pretending he’s not there. In the alley, behind Chan’s Szechuan.

The cop is pretending to not seem a bit flustered. “We got a call about a disturbance. Sir, I need you to get out of that dumpster.” Banana Man doesn’t even turn around. “What is he doing in there?” the cop wonders out loud taking in this trio of unusual figures.

The back door to the restaurant kitchen bangs open and an angry, elderly Chinese man storms out, wiping his hands on a soiled kitchen apron. Drops of sweat fly from his forehead as he gestures wildly at Banana Man. “This man, he crazy! Why banana on head? GET OUT OF MY GARBAGE!”

Once again the cop attempts to get Banana Man’s attention. “Sir, what are you looking for in there?”

Banana turns around slowly, holding a broken spatula in his hand. “I’m looking for…” he narrows his eyes, grits his teeth.

“I’m looking for Justice.”

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