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Banana Man’s Day Off

Here’s the start to a joke: Banana Man, He-Wonder Woman and Live Zombie enter a bar. You may remember them from a previous episode.

This is the kind of place where you can get a 16oz can of Hamm’s for 99 cents and there’s a place worn into the formica to set it on.

Banana Man grouses, “Shit, our plan to raid Batman’s place. Sounds like a bad independent comic book that didn’t get much distribution.”

Live Zombie takes a slurp. “You know you were raiding Bruce Wayne’s garbage, not Batman’s garbage. He’s got a whole cave to throw things into, why would he need a dumpster?”

“Putz.” Time for a long stare at the condensation forming on the can.

Live Zombie has on a clip-on bowtie over his short-sleeved plaid shirt. His glorious uncombed curly mane reins over his skull area. Look like a zombie? He does not.

“Hey Live Zombie, you’re not really undead.”

Live Zombie picks up his beer. “I am the living dead. The job I have had for years… creating TPS Reports for uncaring management losers.” He puts his beer down. “I am the Walking Dead.”

He-Wonder Woman speaks up, “Hey Honey, we all want to be more than we can be.” She puts a supportive hand on his shoulder and he sits down, clearly working to shrug off the groaning weight of the world.

“Alright. We need to fight. Fight for Justice.” intones Banana Man. “This banana is not going to banana itself.”

He-Wonder Woman asks, “Is there someone else’s garbage we should raid?”

“We need to raid… raid all the garbage.”

“All the garbage?”

“All the garbage.”

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