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The Phantom Menace

Banana Man is a mild-mannered janitor at night. Straps a banana to his head and fights crime during the day. Mostly littering.

Banana Man at home, in his tighty-whities. In his easy chair, laptop open. Banana Man is spending some quality time on YouTube. He’s watching old episodes of David Letterman. Letterman is interviewing Michael Keaton about his role as Batman.

One moment it’s not there, the next moment is. A large pig with a pocket watch on its head.

Then it’s gone.

Banana Man narrows his eyes.

He puts down the laptop, goes to the TV-VCR combo set and pops in one of his Batman movies. There’s Cat Woman, same pig right behind her.

He stops the tape, goes to the bookshelf and picks up his copy of The Dark Knight Returns. There’s the same pig in the Bat Cave, looking right at him.

Time Hog!

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