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Dr. Tomorrow

Banana Man, out of costume, steps out into the hallway.

There he is, clearly heading out.

Tall, plain white t-shirt, clean jeans, sharp black shoes. Clean shaven with a strong chin, medium length black hair sticking up like someone had stuck it in an electrical socket. Dark glasses that wrap around to look like goggles.

“Hey Doc, I need some help.”

He stops. “Oh?”

“There seems to be a pig haunting my TV. And my computer. And my library.”

Doc ponders this, eyebrows raised, rubbing chin. “A pig you say?”

“Yeah. He’s there one minute, gone the next. Then back again.”

“A pig?”

After a moment of cogitation Doc stabs the air with a finger. “I can help you, maybe. Tomorrow!”

…and he heads down the stairwell.

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