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Kid Banana Gets a Pet

Banana Man is a mild-mannered janitor at night. Straps a banana to his head and fights crime during the day. Mostly littering. Twice a month he gets his son for the weekend. Kid Banana

Returning from Banana Patrol, Banana Man is cornered by The Landlord on the stairwell before he can get away.

“Dammit! Where’s my pet deposit? That’s $100. And I need it. IMMEDIATELY!” The Landlord is not happy. As usual. His face is turning red. “And take that damn banana off your head, you look like an idiot!”

Mumbling, “I’ll get you a check by monday.”

“You better!” The Landlord stomps off.

In the apartment Banana Man stares at the ferret in the cage. The ferret stares at Banana Man.

Banana Man stare.

Ferret stare.

Banana Man stare.

Ferret stare.


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