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Time Horse Makes an Appearance

Banana Man is a mild-mannered janitor at night. Straps a banana to his head and fights crime during the day. Mostly littering. Twice a month he gets his son for the weekend. Kid Banana.

Dad: Look sharp, Kid Banana!

Son: But dad, my banana hood itches… [sfx: head scratching]

Dad: Good! That will keep you sharp.

Banana Man peers around, keeping a sharp eye out. For anything.

Son: [sfx: wet squish sound] Dad! I stepped in it!

The both look down at the pile of fresh horse road apples on the ground, still steaming.

Son: (wails) Ah, man! That wasn’t there a moment ago.

Banana Man looks down, hands on hips, lips trembling. You can almost see the smoke coming out of his banana. He raises his fists to the sky.

Dad: (screams) TIME HORSE!!!

[sfx: horse] In the distance we hear Time Horse whinny. A haunting laugh.

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