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Banana Man vs. The Landlord

Banana Man is a mild-mannered janitor at night. Straps a banana to his head and fights crime during the day.

Banana Man huffs down the stairs. It is time to fight for Justice before his shift. Nearing the ground floor, he slows. He knows who often lurks in the tiny lobby by the battered mailboxes.

The Landlord.

On the second to last step Banana Man stops, and carefully peers around the corner.

Sure enough, he is there. The Landlord. Damn! Looks like he’s mopping the floor.

Sticking his back to the wall, Banana Man silently creeps back up the stairwell, staying out of sight.

The Landlord smokes fat, cheap cigars while he works. Sweating through his stained wife-beater t-shirt. Banana Man can hear him grunting. Banana Man waits.

Slop, slop. Grunt, grunt. Finally. Banana Man hears The Landlord heft the bucket of dirty water and retreat to the basement. Banana Man careful descends the stairs again. A quick look – the coast is clear. He sprints across the slippery floor and is out the door!

Onward to Justice!

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