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The Theft of Baby Shamu

The Theft of Baby Shamu, a Hardly Boys mystery.

(You know who Shamu is, right?)

Baby Shamu is missing! She’s gone! And there’s three shows tomorrow! There’s nothing left behind to be found but an empty orca tank, the top teeth to a pair of dentures, a three-dollar bill, a receipt from the gift shop, and a half-empty 50-gallon drum of Canola Oil. Can the Hardly Boys piece these clues together and find Baby Shamu in time?

Yes, the Hardly Boys are drag queens, brothers and sometimes sisters, together they solve mysteries and fight crime!

Just one of the Hardly Boys mystery novels. Can they fight crime, finish their homework, get to bed on time and still stay Fabulous? Read on and find out!

Midjourney wouldn’t let me create a version of a graphic like this but with the boys in drag chasing a killer whale…

Almost, but not quite.

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