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An Old Joke

There’s an old Oregon joke that was going around when I arrived here from Pennsylvania (“Penn’s Woods”) in the early 90’s:

Three men are sitting around a campfire outside of Bend, Oregon. The Texan takes a swig from a bottle of whiskey, throws the bottle in the air and shoots it to pieces with his 6-shooter.

“Why did you do that?” the others ask. “Hell, I’m from Texas and we’ve got lots of Whiskey!”

After watching that, the Californian takes a swig out of a bottle of white wine, throws it in the air and blasts it apart with the Glock he got at Wal*Mart. “Hell, I’m from California and we’ve got lots of white wine!”

The man from Oregon takes a swig from a Black Butte Porter, throws it in the air, catches it and shoots the Californian. “What the hell?” asks the Texan.

“I’m from Oregon and we’ve got lots of Californians and this bottle is worth 5 cents.” 

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