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How We Ruined Portland: Burning Man

M’right. It was 2000-something. You know what? It takes almost the exact amount of hours to drive to That Event In The Desert as it is to fly from Portland and transit to the Spanish desert to participate in European Burning Man.

That sounds crazy, but when you’re traveling by VW Thing it really does take two days. Burning Man is one of the ways we ruined Portland. San Francisco is both the birthplace of many wonderful and interesting things but also ruined. Portland delivered (delivers still?) the number two largest population of “burners”.

Who are these people and why are they running up housing prices? Here in NoPo this structure I reside in would have been maybe $50k to buy when I arrived in the 90’s. Yet in 2023 around the corner a house is listed for $700k.

Thank you morons in the financial industry for creating a bubble in pricing that will take 50+ years to correct.

Portland is ruined. Don’t move here.

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