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He’s Got a Guitar

Twang twang, untuned. Cheap, acoustic and discarded behind the minimart the instrument is in Banana Man’s hands.

He’s thinking of a country song and he thinks it goes like this:

The patron saints of wine and lust
have long drove us mad
but here I am with the memory of you
in a photo by the pool
whiskey and cigarettes have ruined our lives
but we’re old and strong
and we can sing out long
so you can’t count us out yet

raise a glass of box wine
to the future of yesterday’s past
I’m coming for you baby
you don’t even have to ask

Dr. Tomorrow barges in un-announced.

“Hey boy! Let’s bust a groove!” He mimes a DJ scratching a record kind of, then he starts up:

“You did it like that with a baseball bat behind Jonathan Winters

You hit the machine like Ben Vereen making love to the Tropic of Cancer

A man of your talent can swing it like a mallet

and the girlies just hafta scream! Dig it!”

Dr. Tomorrow

Doc is grabbing his crotch and swaying around in a provocative fashion, making record scratching noises.

“That’s not country” thinks Banana Man.

Jonathan Winters – Comedian
Ben Vereen – Actor
Tropic of Cancer – Novel by Henry Miller, and/or geographic location
Talent – Dr. Tomorrow doesn’t let it stop him

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