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Dispatches from the Intarwubtubes

Sometimes stories come up, that need to be better documented than just in an email. Here’s a bit of conversation between myself, Wink Jr, Soren and The Lunky. Email starts right down there:

I tried reading this, skimmed over it.  I’m afraid the story didn’t grab me.
Though it did remind me of the night where I’d gotten lost exploring rural Nevada in Der Thing after that man burning thing that happens sometimes.  Eventually I ended up at I think it’s called Soldier Meadows dude ranch, where people like Hairy Larva and crew (used to) go to decompress after the event.  Somewhere around here I have a photo of me with The Larry.  In fact…   you can read all about it here, and you probably should:

Welcome to High Rock Canyon


High Rock Canyon east to High Rock Lake is very rugged and remote and can be driven in four-wheel vehicles by experienced and well equipped explorers.
HINT: you are probably not equipped to go here

Yet I had told the staff at the state park in CA where I’d started out many hours before to be concerned if I didn’t show up so I was stuck continuing to drive all the frickin’ way to Gerlach so I could at least use the phone (remember, this was 1999 and nowhere Nevada and you don’t have phones everywhere) and make sure the Parks people didn’t call out the rescue squad – not just pointless in this case, but also expensive.
Long boring drive through the kind of areas where honest to gawd I would have not been surprised at all to have been abducted by aliens.  Not one sign of human activity in any direction other than the gravel highway.  Eventually ended in Gerlach, met a wonderful woman who invited me to spend the night at Planet X and eventually we had enormous amounts of sex, so I suppose we can call it a win all in all for everyone.
The next night, back in the campground just south of Lakeview, decompressing with a bottle of the local plum wine and a campfire, watching the sun over the lake I pretty much was sure I’d breached the 4th wall.

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