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Chat Log, Thursday 2019

Perhaps we should figure out how to put our talents together like the League of Superfriends we used to watch on TV.

Why was it always possible to see Wonder Woman’s invisible jet?
These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night
Why couldn’t she have an invisible costume instead? I guess that would be a different show.

What’s the point of having an invisible jet when Batman can see you sitting there? Doesn’t it just mean you keep knocking your head against the door trying to find your way in?

In any case, you’re Wonder Woman. There should be a show that’s more honest about how guys would react around Wonder Woman.
She’d be trying to beat them up about crimes and stuff but they’d be incapable of speaking or acting coherently because she’s so incredibly hot all brain function is short-circuited.

The only criminals she’d actually be able to fight would be girls.

The girl villains would be all rolled-eyes and pissiy about it.
Oh great Wonder Woman, you’ve got all the dopey guys falling all over you, why don’t you help me just steal all this money?

We have a solid episode of something for sure… something…
If nothing else, we could hang out around Wonder Woman

We’d have to find some lesbians or gay guys to point the cameras.
Maybe that’s part of the show. How hard it is to film a show about Wonder Woman.

Superman’s got lots of issues.
I also wonder what would happen if Batman was bitten by Spiderman. Spiderman has radioactive blood. Would Batman get Spiderman Powers and be Bat-Spiderman?
We could write a terrible show about writing terrible shows.

Bat Spiderman. He’s out there, looking for Wonder Woman’s invisible jet. Fuck, where did she park that thing?
It’s gotta be around here somewhere.
I was going to have dinner with Green Arrow in Paris, but I can’t find my frickin’ jet.
Like, what the hell was I thinking? Invisible jet.

you clearly have untapped imagination going to waste.
Maybe I should also get an invisible TV? Wouldn’t that be a great idea?
Yeah, there’s at least 15-30 minutes of good comedy here.
Even 5 minutes is good larfs.
Know anyone at Robot Chicken? We could have two minutes of fame

I’ve got another good 30 minutes of Wonder Woman jokes inside me, I think
Can you imagine how Real World Wonder Woman would be facing actual guys – Hellloooo????? eyes up here! There would have to be this whole evil girl empire that hates Wonder Woman
(seems to be how girls work, yikes)
because WW shows up and the guy criminals pretty much drop everything when WW shows up and can’t compete with her.
That’s funny enough, but how do they resolve the conflict?
Girls just usually scream at each other. Re: fake housewives of whatever show.
Oh my nails are so not good enough to interrupt your wedding planning!
Maybe there’d be a super weapon of some kind
Probably made of guys who’ve stopped farting
and do the dishes without complaining
aha! Why would WW want to stop that? Is that mission really evil?
Perhaps that’s the emotional crux of the show. WW has to decide: should men continue to allowed to be stupid?
would that be a funny conflict?

I wouldn’t touch a show about male/female issues right now. I guarantee whatever I would do, it would be wrong.
Would WW act to stop a Super Villain who’s Evil Plan is to make men be better?
GUH. Of course, are you not listening to the plot? WW might have to stop you.
She’s going to have to disrupt the actual writers of the show.
She’s going to have to break the third wall, the fourth wall and all kinds of walls, perhaps kicking down the drywall between the set and a room full of fat nerdy guys in front of computers
and tell them, scriptwriters – it’s ok to have a super villain who makes men better. I’m not standing in the way of that!
Cue the music, there will be dancing around
Liz Phair can do the theme music.
There you go – I think we’ve got at least 10 minutes for SNL.
I’ll take your silence as mere shock from my brilliance.
Either that or you went to the bathroom or are looking for several more beers.
My writing will do that to a person.

Haha. I’m here. and there. have the kids without the wife. they are asleep upstairs but I keep checking anyway. tryign to do the garbage. etc. not very exciting.

Wonder Woman has already won.

I recommend letting the woman make the important decisions.
So we have a show about scriptwriters writing a show about writing a show about Wonder Woman. It writes itself.

We’ll stick in Bat Spiderman, maybe he can bite Catwoman, and then she’ll have Bat SpiderCat-Woman powers.

Maybe Aqua Man can show up and order some fish around.

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