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Donald Trump vs. Hell

Get Frank Miller on the phone!

I’ve got the next epic graphic novel in the pipeline.  Here’s the pitch:

The inevitable happens and Donald Trump arrives in Hell.  What A Dump!  Donald sets out to build a new real estate empire and brags, bullys and lies his way to the top to fight it out with the Devil himself.


  • How different is Hell from our current world?
  • Why are so many of Donald’s associates and various enemies in top positions in Hell’s bureaucracy?
  • Is Hell a kind of paradise for the right kind of person?
  • What does it take to beat the devil at his own game?
  • What is the nature of Evil?  Why is one person’s heaven another person’s hell?
  • Why can’t Donald find any pants? (a straight ripoff of a running joke in Stig’s Inferno: https://www.templetons.com/ty/stig/)
  • Who will win in the end?  Classic Satan, or Satan 2.0?
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