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Fresh off the chat window, source unclear


they will type anything into a chat window
I see you’ve truly lost it. Well here’s to your mind, wherever it may be.
They know what you did last thursday
You’re going to need at least three RV’s
and a hang glider
and a whole lot of legal advice
you’re going to need a lot of invisible money
my attorney suggests you spend some time on my invisible paypal account.
to get started, we only need $10,000 in cash. This is going to save you so much money
Death is cheap. Living is much more expensive.
I can see you’ve been briefing your security team.
Pity they are simply house cats.
(or so they would seem)
or are they turbo ninjas who sleep so quietly?
Communications are quiet. Seems the sharks have worked with the birds to hold the local activities down to looking for water and hoping for fresh socks.
as if
Fresh socks are the currency of the Trump World Oder.
Yes, the wide open spaces full of stink. Odor free socks, who knew that would be the most important currency in the Trump world? Yet, who is surprised? This is what his supporters voted for.
Somehow the stink was only supposed to be on the midgets in Atlantic City.
That didn’t last. No matter how many midget socks were handed out.
Well, the sky rats, aka “squirrels” are chittering to your walnut listeners, watching for BAD THOUGHT
sometimes they have bad thoughts
bad, bad thoughts
you don’t have any squids there, do you son?
you don’t want to meet the sergeant from the Squid Squad
He’s not your friend
he’s no one’s friend
He’s seen the output from your log files.
That’s maybe why he’s got those dead eyes.
Those dead log eyes.
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