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Cast of Characters

Main characters, in order of appearance

  • José Alvarez, hombre del espacio, former AWS technician
  • Beth Smith
  • Marigold
  • The Spock, McCoy, etc
  • Elron Muskatel, The Steak Prophet and monks
  • Grandmother and daughters
  • Maintenance Engineer III Chen Stewart
  • Chen Le – engineer who helps out
  • People from the Dark Section. Not yet defined. Showed their faces to Our Heroes as they rolled back to engineering section in chapter 14
  • Chief Engineer Preston Pence
  • Princess Side-Boob and Queen Lulu Thunder-Undies, the Leather Goddesses of Phobos. Susan and Gwen
    • José has promised them chocolate
  • AWIS – Amazon World Information Systems
    • Tucker Price, Amazon Factotum
  • The Space Marines:
    • Lt. John Grader – short fuse, delusions of grandeur and fatalistic
    • Specialist Hernandez – smart ass, strong, has tattoos
    • Specialist Hwang – not well defined, perhaps she and Beth have to have some “girls time”
    • Bippie – android dog, secret agent
    • Major Ned Collins (real commander), sometimes referred to as “captain”
    • the fifth member who stayed in orbit. mission doctor, nickname “Speedy”, needs to be a man
      • Dr. Jebidiah “Speedy” Jones
  • Hab Seven:
  • Earth:
    • Tucker Price – AWIS Factotum and fixer
    • Ed Nougat – redneck rock ‘n’ roller and plantation owner in the American Enterprise and Freedom Zone
    • Add in Bill Gates & Warren Buffett somewhere
  • Hab Seven:
    • Dr. Sanjay Banerjee – very friendly, tends to act like Willy Wonka, curses in Hindi
    • Dr. Ellen White –  blonde, pony tail, quieter, serious
    • Tyranno-Chickens
    • Bobby, scientist. black man with a goatee

Bit characters

  • Master Chief – chapter 3
  • Ed Rangle, tried to grope Beth, fight with José. Gets it on with Jenny
  • Heinlein, Asimov, Andre Norton
  • The ghosts in the tiki bar: Bob, Jing (woman), Mark (first corpse on Mars) and the guy in the corner who never moves or speaks
  • Fact Finding Timmy – appears in the Marigold origin story
  • Dr. Benway

Other notes:

  • HiLOX fuel for bounce bugs & space craft
  • Hippie Drum Circle – performed outside

More chapter ideas:

  • back to Ed Nougat, a run into/through town via armored convoy
  • Tucker Price opening new AWIS housing / warehouse work center in Seattle
    • remember the circle of consumerism. things break, humans take them back for recycling
    • Tucker buying opium from Afghani’s – at a higher price than the taliban, bringing peace to Afghanistan